(This is a temporary blog since I lost the content of my francesbell.com blog due to my incompetence and my ISP’s sharp practice.  One of these days, I will move back to francesbell.com)

My working life began in programming in 1974 and finished when I retired two years ago from my job as a senior lecturer in Salford Business School. For the first year of my retirement, I was not sure that I wanted to do anything more than spend time on knitting, sewing, gardening and visiting new places but in this last year, I have grown into a role that I saw once on a conference badge, itinerant scholar. As I wander in our motorhome, and across the web, I find a new joy in scholarship freed from institutional constraints.

All that I have learned from being and working in technology and education is still with me but what has changed is my perspective.  I am now looking at education (and technology) from the outside, and what grabs my attention are the (im)possibilities of learning on the web.

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  1. I lost my reply to you (yes – on my own blog!) so trying again. I didn’t make myself clear Alan, so have edited my About – so thanks for that prompt.

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