Farewell to this temporary resting place

This blog was subtitled “a temporary resting place”. If you want to know why you can check out my introductory post at my new home and subscribe to the new blog if you wish (look right when you get there). Those of you who are subscribed to this blog might want to unsubscribe by clicking the blue Following Frances Bell’s blog button. It’s in the left sidebar.

This site will remain in place but this will be the final post. So all that remains is for me to say

Thankyou by Jenosaur CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Thankyou by Jenosaur CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

and hope to see you at the new place!

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I left full-time employment as a Senior Lecturer in Information Systems, Salford Business School in January 2013. Since then, I only take on projects that interest me, and try to make time for the things I struggled to do when I was at work - travel, gardening, textile crafts. I am still interested in the impact of the digital on life - work, learning, play. I volunteer as an IT buddy at Macclesfield Library and do research on informal learning online.