Book Chapters

Book Chapters

Bell, F., Keegan, H., Zaitseva, E. (2008) Designing Virtual Student Mobility, In Education in a Changing Environment: Conference Book, Volume 4, Informing Science link to Google books.

Bell,F., Zaitseva, E., Zakrzewska, D., (2006),Evaluation: A Link in the Chain of Sustainability, In N. Lambropoulos & P. Zaphiris (Eds.), User-Centered Design of Online Communities. Hershey,PA: Idea Group.  UCE_chapterfinal

Bell, F. and A. Adam (2004). Whatever happened to Information Systems Ethics? Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. 20th Year IFIP WG 8.2 Retrospective, Manchester, England, Kluwer. link to extract

Bell, F. (1999). Using SSM And Software Prototyping: An Emergent Methodology For An Ethical Information System. Methodologies for Developing and Managing Emerging Technology Based Systems. A. T. Wood-Harper, N. Jayaratna and J. R. G. Wood. London, Springer Verlag: 123-142. ISM98Sprverlagfeb99withwatermark

Bell, F. and B. J. Oates (1998). Two frameworks for understanding and evaluating methodologies. Matching Technology with Organisational Needs. D. Avison and D. Edgar-Nevill. Maidenhead, McGraw-Hill.ukaisbelloateswatermark

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