Using Linked-in to help ourselves and our network

(This blog post is to support a session I am doing today with colleagues at Salford).

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Joining  Linked-in

To get started on Linked-in, the online professional networking site, you will need to go to the site and join up (consider using an external email address if you are likely to change jobs)..

This video can give you an idea of how it works

Uploading your CV

As you create your CV as a document, be sure to add it to Linked-in.

Building your network

You will not build your network in an afternoon but will do this organically as people invite you to connect to them, and you find people to whom you wish to connect.

You can connect in various ways, two of the most important being:


You might find it useful to have a policy on whom you connect to.  Mine is pretty open for Linked-in as it is professional and not personal so I only outlaw spammers. Also when you are on the site, look for people Linked-in suggests and also search for people you know.  Your network will start to build.

A really important feature is that of recommendations, or online testimonials.  We can really help each other in times of job uncertainty by giving specific testimonials to those we have worked with.

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I left full-time employment as a Senior Lecturer in Information Systems, Salford Business School in January 2013. Since then, I only take on projects that interest me, and try to make time for the things I struggled to do when I was at work - travel, gardening, textile crafts. I am still interested in the impact of the digital on life - work, learning, play. I volunteer as an IT buddy at Macclesfield Library and do research on informal learning online.

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