4 thoughts on “Cool webs for rhizo14?

  1. I don’t think the philosophy of language suggested here is one I would spread across my whole life but Elena Zaitseva and I did find the concept of cool webs useful in understanding cases of multi-cultural student online discussions http://www.wwwords.co.uk/pdf/freetoview.asp?j=elea&vol=2&issue=4&year=2005&article=4_Bell_ELEA_2_4_web
    Although Graves may have had a reductionist view, I think #rhizo14 gets the chance to explore ideas through cool webs (like blogs and comments) as well as the hotter spots like the Facebook group. Cool webs have a lot to recommend them in my opinion.
    It’s a bit naughty of me to take up cool web as a metaphor, as Graves is characterised as anti-metaphorical.

  2. Ah interesting – this is what I so liked about ModPo – how the best of poetry is open to a whole range of interpretations and there is no one right answer. I really can recommend ModPo for this.

    Anyhow I read this poem differently – I interpreted the web as a trap – a bit like how McGilchrist warns us against the trap of left brain dominance (which was the main point I was trying to make in my post about books, but somehow got lost!). Children don’t fall into this trap because their language is not sufficiently developed. Their learning is more embodied. But as we develop speech and language we can retreat from embodied learning. I think Graves is saying that this can be good and bad. We can chill the angry day, but we can also coldly die.

    But I like your idea of cool webs and hot webs – that hadn’t occurred to me. In this sense I prefer cool webs, but I’m also hoping this won’t detach me from my right brain :-)

  3. I am thinking of the cool web as a safer space where people with different assumptions/ languages/ cultures can try to engage in dialogue without too much pain. We might cool down the conversation with explicit norms, clarifying our objectives and assumptions,offer facilitation and other support in an attempt to achieve real dialogue. Over time the constraints could be loosened.

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